Costa Rica Canopy Tours

Canopy Tours have become very popular in Costa Rica. It combines nature with exhilarating adventure. This is a sport for People who, are looking for something different and exciting while enjoying Costa Rican nature.

A canopy tour gives you a unique treetop glimpse of rain forest life in Costa Rica. You zip along on cables suspended 60 to 120 feet or more above ground, for an unbeatable adventure and spectacular view of beautiful waterfalls, forest and its natural wildlife.

Professional tour guides will instruct you on how the canopy works, after a short lesson you'll learn how to operate the canopy equipment and then you're ready to start!

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This exciting tour can be considered a thrill of lifetime as you traverse the tropical primary rainforest on a system of cables and platforms. Using very safe equipment and in the hands of experienced guides, you climb to the top for a birds eye view and then experience the exhilaration as you rapidly glide between each platform.

The equipment provided is rock climbing harnesses, helmet and heavy leather gloves. The climb to the first platform will vary depending on the height of the platform. Once at the first platform, you will be connected to the traverse cable, and you will zip to the next platform. The speed will vary depending on the distance and degree, and you have some control of the speed.

What to bring: Light pants or Bermudas, Insect repellent, walking shoes, camera, and binoculars.

History of Canopy Gliding

The technique was originally developed by scientists in the US to study the canopies of trees in forests there without disturbing the life in the limbs and trunk by having to attach ladders or climbing equipment to the tree. Apparently it was not until a few years ago that scientists were able to study the canopy ecosystems in great depth through the use of this technique, and once it was developed, the rainforest became the optimal target for its use due to its large and complex ecosystems. The technique has been successfully used in the Biological station in Costa Rica for this purpose.

It was not long before the growing tourist industry in Costa Rica took notice of this technique and decided that it was too exciting an activity to pass up. Thus the sport was born.

From the Hermosa Beach area, you can easily hike through a misty cloud forest, zip along the treetop on a canopy tour or mountain bike through dense, lowland forest. You can scuba dive with the majesty of beautiful manta rays, fish for record-breaking marlin or glide through the Pacific on a catamaran.

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